Hands on experience in translations, localization with tools like: -

  • World Server Program
  • Loc Studio program
  • Ms. Excel
  • Ms Word

Projects Undertaken

  • Translation of a research paper of findings from mothers living in the slums with Margaret Gacoki
  • Been working under the guidance of Boniface Kyalo of Swahili Translations Ltd. (www.swahilitranslations.com)


Free and fast estimates are provided when requested. The charges are based on the number of source words or depending on the agreement with client. Text should be availed in electronic format e.g. excel, word, etc. The charges are inclusive of translation, editing, proofreading and basic formatting. Work of all kinds are welcome.

The determinants of the rates:

  1. Content – Technical, specialised or content of general nature.
  2. Form of document – Electronic/hard copy, file type
  3. Length – The length of document will be a major determinant of the charges. The longer the document or the larger the number of words the more the charges and vice versa.
  4. Urgency – The amount of time given for a particular work will also determine the charges
  5. Purpose – the purpose of the translation may be legal, technical, publication, information etc.


English to Swahili    –     Rates: 0.05 USD per word / 25 – 35 USD per hour
Swahili to English     –     Rates: 0.06 USD per word / 25 – 35 USD per hour

The acceptable modes of payment are: -

-    Western Union

-    Bank Transfer

-    Money bookers

English-Swahili Translations is commited in providing you with the highest quality translation at the most competitive price in the industry. I stand by every translation and provide you with my unique 100% quality guarantee. If you are not satisfied, I will work with you to modify each translation until it meets your approval, no matter how long it takes. This is my commitment and mission to you as the industry leader.

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